Disney Magic Kingdoms (Gameloft video game)

Video game commercial 30sec.

DISNEY MAGIC KINGDOMS / TV commercial 30sec.

Screen shots of the commercial I worked on for Disney Magic Kingdoms with my team at Gameloft and Babel films.

I decided to show only image samples because of many things. The director's cut of the commercial is accessible only with a password I can share in private, ask me to watch it ;)

Direction/Art Direction/Script/Storyboard: Alexandre Brakha
CG supervisor: Patrice Bilodeau
Producer (Gameloft): Joanie Tremblay
Co-direction (live action part): Eric Piccoli
Producer (live action part): Marco Frascarelli
Director of production (live action part): France Poulin
DOP: Mathieu Élie
Art Direction (live action part) Richard Marchand

Gameloft team:
Technical director: Michel Marois
Animation: Alexandre Albala (lead) / Thierry Leonard / Mathéo Mercier / Davide Salvatore
Compositing: Emmanuel Moulun, Kaitlyn Lovatt, Jordan Cirera
VFX: Mauricio Dantas Melo
CGI team: Arthur Segura, Raul Gimenez, Jordan Cirera, Vik Soremsambak, Renato Rebucca, Navid Dadgar
Texturing, Shading, Rendering: Arthur Segura, Raul Gimenez
Music: Rodrigo rubilar
Sound FX: Jérôme Laberge, Geneviève Savard l'Herbier
Editing (Gameloft): Mathieu Grenier / Steve Villeneuve
Color correction: Guillaume Boivin
Motion Graphic: Matthew Brushet / Charlie Leroy

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