Opening cinematic made by Asurafilm Studio:
I was in charge of the Direction, Storyboarding and IGG production part.
Creating a logo in Japanese was a real challenge, but using Katakana was easier than having to create something from Kanji :p
I also did the US and Ch versions.
A global overview of the game: Images made for the marketing on GooglePlay and Apple Store.
CHARACTERS AND BGS: It is more than 160 characters and 32 backgrounds created for this game. Based on Game Design's request, I was in charge of sketching ideas, finding references, and supervising the final character design in order to keep consistency in the universe and quality. Working in this anime style was a big challenge even if I love it so much.
Background design researches and Art Direction, after, all were made by Cocolo Studio
I just added some lighting effects and some color adjustments to fit with the game.
UI (Card design example):
Making the first UI guide lines to provide to the UI artist the most clear and efficient Art Direction. I also did a lot of animations in Unity to make the UI more accurate and fun for the player.
Merchandising and Communication visuals: Samples
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